What the heck, Rachel you’re a blogger now??

Hey cyber-friends.

So, I’ve realized that this is probably a silly thing for me to do, especially because I live in suburbia and no one here blogs unless their life is totally dramatic or they’re really good at cooking.  Unfortunately for you out there reading this right now, I am neither of the aforementioned blog types – I’m just an Average Joe (Rachel?) who’s got too many thoughts for her head.  I can’t promise that each entry will have a coherent theme or much of anything interesting to say, but I’ll try my best for all of my faithful readers.  (Hi, mom).  Some topics you can expect from me:

  • college
  • boyfriend & friends
  • work
  • personal life

I don’t know about you, but that vague list looks pretty damn intriguing!  (Kidding).  I’m gonna get started on those super interesting blog entries now, while the ideas are swimming around in my head.  Who knows how often I’ll feel motivated, so I should really get cracking!