Hello world!

Okay.  Well, this is a bit weird…I feel like I’m just going to end up rambling to absolutely no one (because let’s be real, no one’s going to read this).  I think it’ll be healthy for me, though.  I’m doing this for me.

Some basics, for all of you readers out there:

  • I’m eighteen years old
  • tenjulys is actually July 10, the day I was born
  • I’m attending North Central College as a Freshman in the fall
  • I plan on majoring in secondary education with a minor in theatre
  • I love to sing, act, and be on stage
  • I’m in a committed and happy relationship
  • I’m a Starbucks barista

So, that’s me in a very small nutshell.  Not too terribly interesting, but my life is far from dull. Hopefully this blog/journal thing-a-ma-jiggy will provide some entertainment in y’all’s lives!

That’s all I got for now, peace brothers. ✌🏼


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